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Richard Ward, Realtor

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Richard Ward believes in the pursuit of knowledge and keeping abreast of the ever-changing environment and technology in our ever-changing world…

For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – African Proverb

Value Statement

Whether you are interested in selling your current home, looking for your first home or have experienced selling and/or buying a home in the past, you will have a special advantage when you use Richard Ward as your personal Realtor® Here’s what that means and why he is your best choice!

Richard Ward uses his real estate “ARMS”© approach to personally guide you throughout the process. His approach is summarized as …

A = Awareness – Richard’s primary focus is on your needs and concerns regarding your real estate goals. He does this by listening to you and focusing attention where it’s needed the most. Further, he is constantly aware of current market trends by utilizing data-driven techniques and other research methods.

R = Reliability – Richard believes in doing things right, the first time! He proves his reliability through the effective use of knowledge and information, and by establishing and maintaining open and honest communication with you throughout the process.

M = Maintenance – Richard’s transaction-maintenance platform ensures that each step of your transaction is completed correctly and on time. This primarily involves maintaining periodic communication with you and other entities and keeping you up to date with all events.

S = Sensibility – Richard knows that your decisions are paramount to your transaction being successful, but also understands that each person differs uniquely in knowledge and experience of real estate processes. Therefore, he is eager to provide you the necessary information and resources that you may require for making well-informed decisions regarding your home.

Professional & Bio Brief:
Beyond a Master of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richard strengthens his professional knowledge by continuing his education in essential real estate topics such as, but not limited to:

• Fair Housing
• Advance Contract Writing
• Multiple-Offer Negotiations
• Ethics and Standards of Conduct
• Real Estate Agency and Contracts

Further, he stays abreast of evolutionary changes in the real estate industry as a member of the Richmond Association of Realtors Legislative Committee.

Finally, Richard uses exceptional analytical skills as a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor ® to provide more accurate pricing options for home.

You deserve that genuine feeling of home!
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